Saturday, August 20, 2011

Luau Pineapple Wheat

My in-laws are having a luau party in a few weeks and they asked me to make a beer for the occasion. I was planning on brewing a saison with citrusy American hops, but I will have to put that on hold for another week or so. After that I will shift to some Fall and Winter brewing. I did some research on beers that would contain traditional Hawaiian ingredients. I figure that a wheat beer with fruit is the most approachable and "luauish" beer I could brew. My other idea was a guava saison or a guava wheat. I had a tough time finding a good source of guavas, so I decided on the pineapple. I am brewing it on my base American Wheat beer recipe, the same recipe that I made my peach wheat with.

I'm planning on adding a whole pineapple (cut up) at flameout in a mesh bag, and then another 2 whole pineapple (cut up) into secondary.

Recipe: 2-Row, White Wheat, Vienna, Honey Malt, Warrior at 60, Nelson @ 25 & 5, White Labs American Ale Yeast, Pineapples.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pop Gose the Weasel #2

I use the yeast/bacteria cake from my Berliner Weisse to make a Gose beer. Gose is a historic and often forgotten style of beer from Leipzig and Goslar Germany. It is a wheat beer with a lactic tang and a dose of coriander and salt. I have made this beer before with nice results. Last time the beer was very balanced with only a slight coriander and salt presence. This time I think I may up the salt and coriander. I am making a 10 gallon batch, and splitting it into two different versions. I was inspired by Cascade brewing companies Gose for every season. I will do a traditional 5 gallon batch, and I will do a 5 gallon batch with cranberries, and cinnamon, possibly clove as well. I am shooting for a holiday Gose, something tart, and spiced.

Ingredients: US 2-Row, White Wheat Malt, Coriander, Kosher Salt. Winter version will have cranberries, cinnamon and cloves added to secondary.