Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

I brewed a RIS, a second runnings beer from the RIS and a Flemish Red on Tuesday. I will be updating this weekend with pictures, my fiance got me a new camera for my b day.

Have a great and safe end to 2009, I am looking forward to brewing more and better beer in 2010


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Best Ale in the Universe, Tasting.

I had my work Holiday party on Friday and my keg was served alongside of mixed drinks, wine, and other bottled beer (lighter styles) and the catered bartender told me he served 3x the number of the home brew as other drinks (and this sin't a huge beer crowd), even the bartender was drinking some. The beer blew by the time we did our gist exchange, about 2 hours. The beer was good I wanted a little something different, but it was easy to drink and it was a crowd pleaser. The beer finished drier than I wanted and the initial spices from the graham crackers seems to have faded or was covered up by the cold serving temps. I did enjoy the carmel, slightly roasted flavor that was balanced by the hops and yeast flavors.

It was fun night and it felt good to see people really enjoying the beer I made. I plan on making a beer for our end of the year party and I am thinking of doing a Wit with peaches (from the school lunches, they are chopped and canned but have no added sugar or preservatives other than ascorbic acid, vit. C).

I am off the next two weeks so I am going to be brewing this week and between Christmas and New Years. I am doing a Russian Imperial Stout (a second runnings beer will be made as well, a dark mild). Then next week I will brew up my second Flemish Red using Al B's Roddenbug Blend. An update on these coming soon. Oh and I hope to get some pictures up as my birthday is Tuesday...hint, hint.