Saturday, September 18, 2010

Fest Beer

I am listening to the Results of the GABF live on the Brewing Network and brewing a Fest Beer. I got into lagers last spring and have fallen in love. I wasn't always a huge fan of them but when I started making them I realized the subtle complexity of these styles and have been brewing lagers and ales at about a 1-for-1 since. I wanted to brew this style for a long time, and I want to build up a yeast cake for a Bock beer later this fall. I will be adding two types of oak to the bock, more on this later. As I was mashing the Munich malt aroma was insanely good and rich. I also used a hop bag for this batch something I haven't done in the past, well see how my hop extraction turns out.

Here is the recipe:

German Pilsner Malt5.00 lb47.6 %1.2In Mash/Steeped
US Munich 20L Malt4.00 lb38.1 %15.1In Mash/Steeped
German Dark Munich Malt1.50 lb14.3 %2.6In Mash/Steeped

German Hallertauer Hersbrucker3.5 %1.50 oz19.4Loose Pellet Hops60 Min From End
German Hallertauer Hersbrucker3.5 %0.50 oz3.9Loose Pellet Hops20 Min From End

White Labs WLP833-German Bock Lager

I mashed in at 151F. I also made a 1.5 liter starter.

Home Grown Hops

I planted 3 rhizomes two springs ago. 2 Willamette and 1 Goldings. The Goldings never took off and flat leaf parsley now grows in its spot. The Willamettes both grew up to my roof and back down last year, although I had very few hop flowers. This year the both started out, but while I was on my honeymoon this summer one of the Willamettes died off. The other is growing strong as you can see above and although it doesn't have a tone of hops it is growing well. I will be making a fresh hop beer (well fresh hops for aroma and flavor) I will use pellets for bittering as I won't have enough hops for the bittering charge. The base beer will be a English Bitter. Marris Otter and some 40L Crystal malt, and US 05 yeast.

Valle de Oro to Ruby Red

Last spring I brewed a beer that was inspired by Orval. Wyeast had just released their blend of brett and Trappist yeast said to come close to the flavors of Orval. I was going to dry hop the beer but the brett pellicle formed so fast and thick that I didn't want to disturb it. I kept the beer in my mind and pondered what to do with this overly funky Orval-like beer. Then this summer as I sat eating some homemade raspberry ice cream and drinking Goose Island Sophie (a nice dry, hoppy, brett beer). I took a bite of the ice cream and a sip of the funky beer and wow a great combo, then it hit me add raspberries to the Orval-like beer. I added 3 pounds of raspberries to the beer and the color turned a beautiful ruby red and the beer took on an amazing raspberry aroma that blends perfectly with the brett. I am deciding whether or not to keg this beer or bottle it in larger format bottles. I think this may be one of the better beers I have made

Saison Indochine

I have always loved saison's for their spiciness, dry, hoppy flavors. I have also loved the flavors of Thai (well all South East Asian) food, specifically the ginger, keffir lime, and lemon grass. I brewed a saison about 4 years ago (my first) with galangal ginger, keffir lime leaves, and lemon grass, all dried. The beer was over spiced (ginger) and just not a great base beer. So I waited until I became a better brewer and was re-inspired by my honeAdd Imageymoon to Vietnam, Thailand and Cambodia. When I got home I sourced fresh galangal, keffir leaves, and lemon grass. I decided to attempt the beer again. I wanted a light colored, dry and balanced beer with a nice low spice/herb characteristic. I also wanted to add sugar to the beer so I added palm sugar and rice solids; two common ingredients in South East Asia. The recipe calls for turbinado sugar but I subbed for the specialty sugars. I also made a extract of keffir leaves and lemon grass soaked in vodka, to add to the keg. You can see that in the jar in the pictures above.

So here is the recipe:

Belgian Pilsen Malt8.00 lb74.4 %2.4In Mash/Steeped
US White Wheat Malt1.00 lb9.3 %0.5In Mash/Steeped
Belgian Munich Malt0.75 lb7.0 %0.8In Mash/Steeped
Sugar - Turbinado1.00 lb9.3 %1.9Start Of Boil

UK Golding5.5 %1.00 oz19.3Loose Pellet Hops60 Min From End
US Amarillo5.0 %0.50 oz5.3Loose Pellet Hops20 Min From End
US Amarillo5.0 %0.50 oz0.4Loose Pellet Hops1 Min From End

Wyeast 3711-French Saison

Mash Notes
Mash at 147-148F for 60 minutes

Boil Notes
1.3 oz of lemon grass, 0.6 oz galangal ginger, 0.1 oz keffir lime (about 8 leaves). Added .5 lbs Palm Sugar and .5 Rice Sugar to start of boil. Added spices last minute of boil and kept in wort for 10 minutes as wort chilled.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Post Soon

I promise, tastings, recipes, brew days, sour updates...