Monday, May 24, 2010

Best Ale in the Universe 2- An American Peach Wheat

I am not bragging about the quality of the beer, the Best Ale in the Universe, but our school considers itself the Best School in the Universe, so I figured I would make a beer in our schools honor. This is actually the second beer I have made for work. I like to include a component of the school lunches into the beer. For the holiday party I brewed a imperial southern brown with graham crackers in the mash, it was a huge hit and was tapped in a about 2 hours.

When I got off work today I decide that I would brew a batch for my work's end of the year party. I brewed an American Wheat that I will be adding frozen peaches to. I will also be brewing a pretty standard wit bier, but that will have to come this weekend. The brewing session was pretty painless (although I forgot to add the final aroma hops at flameout)and a great way to relax after work. I even got a chance to workout during the mash rest. The peaches I will be adding are from frozen fruit cups, that have peaches, sugar and vitamin C (ascorbic and citric acid) see image below.

Best Ale in the Universe 2

4.5 # 2-Row
4.5 # Red Wheat
.25# Crystal 10L
.25# Honey Malt

Cluster @ 60 minutes 14.3 IBU
Hellertauer @30 min 7.4 IBU
Hellertauer @ 1 min left out!!!

WL American Wheat Yeast
( I used this yeast for a dunkle a year or so again, and it had a ton of apricot and peach flavor/aroma, it sucked for the dunkle but I think it will be perfect for this beer)

The beer will be 5% abv and so will the wit so they will be easy drinking refreshing beers to go with the street taco cart that we always have for the end of the year party. It should be a good party.

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