Monday, May 31, 2010

NHC Beers Sent, and other updates

A quick up date. I sent my NHC 2nd round beers off to Minnesota on Saturday. It is a 100% Brett c. and 100% Amarillo hop beer, built around a Belgian Pale Ale base recipe. I still say that is one of the best beers I have brewed and making round 2 helps validate it.

I will also be brewing at least 3 beers before my wedding at the end of June. With wedding planning and such I have to find ways to sneak brew days in. My fiancee will be having her bachelorette party next weekend so I plan on brewing at least 2 beers (a wit, a hefe, and my next brett beer, or a berliner). I may try and brew one during the week but we will have to see.

I also brewed (not sure if that is the correct term) a batch of Viognier wine. It is my second wine, the first was a Italian Red and it was very nice. Viognier is one of my favorite styles of white wine. It is dry, but has a wonderful fruitiness. It kind of reminds me of what a good Belgian style beer is like, dry but sweet and flavorful. I hate dry mineral or metallic wines. It is one of the few whites my fiancee and I can agree on. The wine should be ready by the late summer early fall which are typically the hottest days in San Diego.

I will have a review of my Gose, and my IPA soon.


  1. Look forward to it man!

    I wish you luck with your wedding. What day is it? I know when it was coming down to the wire for my wedding things got extremely hectic. Luckily my wife took care of most of it. I was in school at the time.

    Good luck and NHC. I wanted to go, but alas the economy hit and my hours have been cut. So I can't afford it

    Mike's Brew Review

  2. Mike,

    Thanks for the well wishes. It is on June 26th, and yes it is getting even more hectic the last few weeks. Yeah, I wish I was going this weekend but I think that would piss my fiancee off a little too much. I will try and listen live on the brewing network to see how I did. Maybe next year.

    I watched one of your videos yesterday (Bell's Oberon) very cool, just the right length and insight. Hope to see more. Keep up teh good work, your site is great!