Saturday, August 20, 2011

Luau Pineapple Wheat

My in-laws are having a luau party in a few weeks and they asked me to make a beer for the occasion. I was planning on brewing a saison with citrusy American hops, but I will have to put that on hold for another week or so. After that I will shift to some Fall and Winter brewing. I did some research on beers that would contain traditional Hawaiian ingredients. I figure that a wheat beer with fruit is the most approachable and "luauish" beer I could brew. My other idea was a guava saison or a guava wheat. I had a tough time finding a good source of guavas, so I decided on the pineapple. I am brewing it on my base American Wheat beer recipe, the same recipe that I made my peach wheat with.

I'm planning on adding a whole pineapple (cut up) at flameout in a mesh bag, and then another 2 whole pineapple (cut up) into secondary.

Recipe: 2-Row, White Wheat, Vienna, Honey Malt, Warrior at 60, Nelson @ 25 & 5, White Labs American Ale Yeast, Pineapples.


  1. Ived made quite a few pineapple ciders now, and to make them taste like someone would expect you really need to keep them quite sweet. I would expect you would need to do this in beer as well, as the pineapple flavor is very subtle post-fermenation and tastes very strange without sweeteness

    On my ciders I successfully used xylitol, on a beer you might be able to use a lot of light crystal malts, just a thought.....

  2. I added 2 full chopped pineapples and dry-pinnaplled the beer as I carbonated it. It had a nice pineapple flavor and aroma. The beer finished at a normal FG. The beer had a perceived sweetness, but wasn't sweet, so I think that helped enhance the pineapple flavor and aroma. I got some white wine notes on the aroma.

    The beer was huge hit among my in-law's friends at the party. I am happy with the results, but the beer was refreshing and went well with the roasted pig and ahi poke.

  3. Jeff - you added two pineapples in secondary? I'm planning to bottle a pineapple wheat and finding information on this has been tough. Thank you for your thoughts,