Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Pop Gose the Weasel #2

I use the yeast/bacteria cake from my Berliner Weisse to make a Gose beer. Gose is a historic and often forgotten style of beer from Leipzig and Goslar Germany. It is a wheat beer with a lactic tang and a dose of coriander and salt. I have made this beer before with nice results. Last time the beer was very balanced with only a slight coriander and salt presence. This time I think I may up the salt and coriander. I am making a 10 gallon batch, and splitting it into two different versions. I was inspired by Cascade brewing companies Gose for every season. I will do a traditional 5 gallon batch, and I will do a 5 gallon batch with cranberries, and cinnamon, possibly clove as well. I am shooting for a holiday Gose, something tart, and spiced.

Ingredients: US 2-Row, White Wheat Malt, Coriander, Kosher Salt. Winter version will have cranberries, cinnamon and cloves added to secondary.


  1. That looks pretty good... are you adding the salt to the mash or the boil?

  2. I will be doing a short boil, and adding the salt at about 15 minute still flameout. The coriander will be added at flameout.

  3. I did a tasting the other day out of the fermenter and the beer seems way more salty than the last batch. I did add more salt than last time, this was based on the section on Gose in "Brewing WIth Wheat", Heirmonyous mentions that he has never had a Gose that is salty enough or spur enough. This beer is, I just don't know if I like the salt level, and I love salt. I'll see how it comes around once it ages a bit and gets carbonated.