Sunday, April 7, 2013

BRETTTTT!!!!!!!! #3

This is my 3rd attempt at a 100% Brett beer. I have had really good luck fermenting beer with 100% Brett. The beers have finished dry,  extremely fruity and slightly tart. My first two batches used Brett c. and Amarillo and Nelson hops respectively. The Brett c. and Amarillo worked amazingly well together and is probably the best beer I have ever brewed. I have a post here about my second batch and my thinking with these beers. I have changed my thinking a bit, and this time I decided to create a big starter before pitching. I may get a slightly cleaner finished beer but that is fine.

For this batch I used brettanomyces anomalus that I received from Al B before he opened up East Coast Yeast. He told me that this strain was a WYeast strain of Brett a. The vial was old (2009-10) so I started with a small amount and ramped it up over a number of starters. The yeast was very active by the second round of starters and started fermenting vigorously once I pitched it into the wort. I kept with the  same 100% brett strain and 100% hop varietal. In this version I used Rakua hops, which should have peach, passionfruit and mango-like characteristics. I felt that these hops would complement the fruitiness of the Brett a. well.

Recipe: 2-Row, Carapils, Crystal 40. Rakua hops @60, 20, 0. WYeast Brett anomalus.


  1. Dude, would you mind saving me a vial of yeast from the cake when you are done? I would really like to try that strain as I have read good things about it.
    And that beer sounds wonderful - I'm getting ready for a Brett Drie - Mosaic hop beer soon.

  2. Jeff, no problem with saving you a vial (or more). I wasn't sure if this yeast was going to be any good still as it was old and had just sat in my fridge but it grew well in the starters and is fermenting away now. I still ned to get some of your Brett Drie too. Also, Mosaics and Brett Drie...maybe we do a 100% Brett swaps too.

    1. Cool, let me know when you want some Brett Drie. I always have a big pitch that is ready. And I'm up for the beer swap or we can finally try to organize that sourfest BBQ.