Saturday, January 26, 2013

Wee Obese - Strong Scotch Ale

When I was first getting into brewing about 6 years ago (and still extract brewing), I decided to break away from the homebrew stores basic recipes and try my hand at my own recipe creation. I pulled up the BJCP style guidelines and started reading through the history, ingredients and other characteristics of al the styles. At that same time Hamiltons Tavern had just opened and quickly became a weekly stop for me and my buddies to do some "research" on various styles. I drank two beers that really change amy thinking on beer, and inspired me to build my own recipe. The first was Alesmith's Wee Heavy and the other was Traquair Jacobite ale. Both are wonderful strong scotch ales. I knew after tasting these beers I had to create my own version of a Scotch Ale. I put together a recipe that was pretty standard, but I added some peat smoked malt (I know its not traditional, but I want that smoky rustic flavor) and dark brown sugar, to impart some molasses-like favors.

The beer was awesome, not to style because of the peat smoked malt, but it was a big favorite of my friends. One called it a man's campfire beer. I even entered it into the San Diego County Fair and even though it didn't place,  it got great feedback from the judges, one said that he would buy it at a bar. In my opinion that is the best feedback I can receive from a judge.

I have been wanting to brew my Wee Obese for many years, but it just hasn't made the cut when I decide what I want to brew. I don't often brew the same beer twice. Last week I finally got down to brewing his beer again. However, I dialed back the peat smoked malt to just a few ounces. Everything else was pretty much the same as the original. I hope tho sheer comes out as great as the first beer did. I clean doug my keggerator, cleaned the faucets, replaced the liquid lines and I will be serving this beer, my chocolate stout, golden rye, and Maulee's Mild on Super Bowl Sunday

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