Sunday, November 13, 2011

Cranberry Gose

Back in August I brewed a Traditional Gose beer (link here). The beer was very salty a few months ago and the sourness did not really take over like I had hoped, it was pretty out of balance. I decided to let the beer sit and play the waiting game. I tried the beer this weekend and was very pleased at how the beer has come together. I decided since the warm months are over and that
I ended up only brewing a 5 gallon batch, I would go with a winter style Gose. I added the cranberries this weekend and racked the beer onto the berries. I will taste after a week or so and see if I think cinnamon and/or cloves would make for a better beer. I hope I can get this beer on tap in time for Thanksgiving dinner.


  1. So the age decreased the salt taste? Do you think some of it falls out of solution?

    And how many cranberries did you use? I made a similar Gose with cranberries. It was only .5lb/gal and I didn't get much flavor from the cranberries.

  2. I'm not sure if the age actually reduced the saltiness or if the sourness increased and balanced the saltiness. The beer is also very cloudy, salt or wheat? My Berliner was much more clear and I used the same process.

    I used 2.5 pounds for the 5 gallons so, around what you used. I'll see if I need to add more, thanks for the heads up on that.