Sunday, March 13, 2011

Opening Day Pale Ale

Opening Day of Major League Baseball is quickly upon us. The teams are spread out in the warm lower states, mainly Arizona and Flordia getting ready for the season. I have the first week of April off for spring break and Padres home opening day is that week. My buddy got tickets for us so I want to have some beer to drink before we walk down to the stadium to watch the Padres beat the World Champion Giants.

I wanted a beer that is in the style of San Diego Pales and IPAs, light in color and full of late citrusy hops
. I wanted it to be on the lower end of the abv scale so I could drink a few after work while watching the Padres play. I had some Citra hops and wanted to do a 100% Citra pale, but I didn't have enough (only 2oz whole hops) so I used some Nelson Sauvin for the bittering charge. I read an article about Kern River Brewing (who make some awesome Pales/IPAs) who are using Honey malt as a way to add some sweet maltiness, but still allowing for a dry finish. I have started to use thin some of my beers and I have found it works pretty well.

I have also started using dry yeast for any beer where I am not looking for a specific yeast profile. I find that the dry yeast is clean, easy to use (no starter) and attenuates really well. I wish someone would make a dry Saison yeast!

Recipe: 2-Row, Honey Malt, Crystal 40. Nelson Sauvin bittering, Citra (10, 1, Dry Hopped). US-05.

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