Sunday, March 20, 2011

Maulee's Mild- A Dark Mild

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Last December I visited Magnolias Pub and Brewery in the Haight in San Francisco. This great pub and restaurant has wonderful food and even better beers. I have visited this pub twice and I have enjoyed the variety of beers on tap and cask. They seem to focus on lower alcohol English influenced styles, that lend themselves to food very nicely. Last time I was there I enjoyed a couple of pints of cask conditioned Bitters and Milds. The Dark Mild in particular was extremely well balanced and easy to drink. The fact that I had a couple of beers in the middle of the day and wasn't feeling the booze was nice and allowed for more sightseeing.

I decided upon my return from that trip, that I would work on making some lower alcohol English styles ales this year. First up was a Dark Mild. I named this beer after our Calico Cat Maulee, as she is full of attitude (flavor) and yet still very mellow (low abv). It just seemed like a fitting name for a beer shooting for great flavor and low alcohol.

I kegged it up and and poured a glass, the beer was almost exactly what I was looking for, except it seems to be a little too roasty. Not harsh but a little astringent. I'm thinking that this came from the combination of malts that I used, all are described as giving a nuttiness, roastiness, and coffee-like flavors.

Recipe: 60% Marris Otter, 27% Brown Malt, 6% Crystal 120, 3 % Dark Crystal, 3% Turbinado Sugar. Fuggle at 60min, and Fuggle at 20min. White Labs 023- Burton Ale.

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