Saturday, September 18, 2010

Valle de Oro to Ruby Red

Last spring I brewed a beer that was inspired by Orval. Wyeast had just released their blend of brett and Trappist yeast said to come close to the flavors of Orval. I was going to dry hop the beer but the brett pellicle formed so fast and thick that I didn't want to disturb it. I kept the beer in my mind and pondered what to do with this overly funky Orval-like beer. Then this summer as I sat eating some homemade raspberry ice cream and drinking Goose Island Sophie (a nice dry, hoppy, brett beer). I took a bite of the ice cream and a sip of the funky beer and wow a great combo, then it hit me add raspberries to the Orval-like beer. I added 3 pounds of raspberries to the beer and the color turned a beautiful ruby red and the beer took on an amazing raspberry aroma that blends perfectly with the brett. I am deciding whether or not to keg this beer or bottle it in larger format bottles. I think this may be one of the better beers I have made

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