Saturday, September 18, 2010

Home Grown Hops

I planted 3 rhizomes two springs ago. 2 Willamette and 1 Goldings. The Goldings never took off and flat leaf parsley now grows in its spot. The Willamettes both grew up to my roof and back down last year, although I had very few hop flowers. This year the both started out, but while I was on my honeymoon this summer one of the Willamettes died off. The other is growing strong as you can see above and although it doesn't have a tone of hops it is growing well. I will be making a fresh hop beer (well fresh hops for aroma and flavor) I will use pellets for bittering as I won't have enough hops for the bittering charge. The base beer will be a English Bitter. Marris Otter and some 40L Crystal malt, and US 05 yeast.

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