Wednesday, March 31, 2010

NHC Entries

I entered three beers into the NHC this year, something I have never done before. each beer is described in more details, including how it faired in a big local competition in an early post here.

The beers were:
Bon Hiver (Belgian Dark Strong). This beer did very well in competition and earned a second place.
100% Brett c and 100% Amarillo Belgian Pale ( I entere dit into specialty category this time instead of Belgian Specialty on the advice from a friend who is a BJCP judge)
Meyer lemon Zest and Lavender Belgian Blond ( Same category but specified base style this time, the same friend judged this beer at the mini best of show in the category and said it didn't place because no base style was designated)

Not sure how they will do in regionals but I would like feedback especially for the two that were put in wrong categories/no base style specified.

Wish me luck!

Pictures coming soon, I am on the road right now.

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