Monday, March 29, 2010

Dortmunder Export aka Summer Swarm

I have brewed two lagers in the past 6 months (Light American Lager and a Schwartzbier) and have really loved they way they have turned out. With summers warm weather on the horizon I felt that taking another stab at a lager would be in order. I wanted a hop forward lager, but not a pilsner, so I am going with a Dortmunder.

8# German Pils Malt

1.5# Munich

.12# Aromatic (brewmart was out of meladonin malt)

1.75 oz Hellertauer @60

.60 oz Hellertauer @ 5

.70 oz Hellertauer @ flame out

White Labs German Lager Yeast

Simple, the way I like it.

On a side note I racked my Schwartz Bier and IPA yesterday. Wow, I was very happy with them both. I dry hopped the IPA with 2 oz Simcoe and 1.75 Amarillo when I racked into the keg. I also blended two really old beers today. A 2 + year Old Ale aged on Port Soaked Cubes and a 18+ month Flemish Red. The Flemish Red has come along nicely and I kegged the rest of the Flemish Red.

Below are some pictures of the light American Lager. Bill's Beer was made for my fiancee's grandfather who is a self proclaimed "I only drink ice cold MGD". He loved this beer, I liked it, although I don't think it finished out enough and was slightly too sweet for the style


  1. That Old Ale/Flemish Red sounds really interesting! How long did you leave it on oak?

  2. pester,

    Sorry I am just getting back to you on this. The Flemish was on oak twice both for about six months. The first time the oak was too strong, so I boiled the cubes in water for about 30 minutes the second time. It took away a bunch of the harsh wood flavors. The Old Ale was on cubes for about 3 months. The blend is very nice. I think that these types of blend work really well together. I see the Bruery is doing a lot of blends as well as Avery. Very cool thing to do in brewing.