Monday, February 15, 2010


I just entered 4 beers into the America's Finest City Homebrew Competition put on by QUAFF here in San Diego. I entered a few beers last year but they were not my strongest beers so although they did alright and I got some good feedback I didn't place or score well. I have only entered a few local competitions but in my first competition at the San Diego County Fair I took home a second place in the Hefe Category. It was the first Hefe I had ever brewed and it was an extract batch. It did well the next year and would have placed based on the judges comments but it lacked enough carbonation due to bottle conditioning issues.

In this years AFC which will be held next week I entered a Golden Strong, a Dark Strong, a Meyer Lemon Zest & Lavender Belgian Blond (in the spice/herb category) and my 100% Brett. c and Amarillo Pale Ale (in the Belgian Specialty Category). I think I have a good chance with all of these beers to place or score well. I will post the results and score/feedback when I get the results.

Just finishing the boil on my Schwartzbier right now, then my IPA! More on these later today, and my new Homebrew Club CHUG!

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