Sunday, January 1, 2012

Charger's Session iPA

I like to offset my big strong ales with more sessionable beers so that I have a beer that I can have a couple of and still be able to get some work done. At the time I put together the recipe I had just brewed two stronger beers (Black Friday IPA and Mexican Hot Chocolate Stout) and I had a keg of Belgian Golden Strong on tap. I hadn't made a real hoppy beer in a few months and my hop supply is running pretty low. The 2011 harvest is just getting out to retailers and so I wanted to finish off my Nelson hops from 2010's harvest. I had the opportunity to try Drakes Brewing Company's Alpha Session. I loved this beer because it was dry, hoppy and low alcohol. Essentially everything I love about an IPA minus the booze.

I decided to brew this beer and name it after my new French Bulldog puppy Charger. Charger is a beast of a little dog, he has a huge head with lots of chubby face rolls. He is very loving and gentle, but he is also kinda a honey badger. He is tough, and bold, but with a gentle soft side. Like Charger, this beer has a big bold hoppy side, but has a softer lower alcohol side as well.

Recipe: US 2-Row, Honey Malt, White Wheat, Magnum @60, Nelson @ 20, 10 and flame out, US-04 (by accident, wanted to use US-05).


  1. Jackorain, the beer was great, very easy to drink and didn't hit you in the head with booze. I am brewing this beer again, check out the link here: